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£15 per hour lesson
(approx $20 / €20)

After your first lesson, you can either pay as you go or keep your special rate with monthly payments.

There are limited slots at this price and they are available to new customers only!

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Premium Guitar Tuition across the UK – also available worldwide!

In our experience as teachers and guitarists, the best way to learn guitar is direct and personally tailored one-on-one lessons with a professional teacher. Not only do you get expert guidance through your guitar journey, but a good teacher can nurture, inspire and encourage your own musical development.

However, the best teachers aren’t always within easy reach, for this reason we now offer our expertise and experience worldwide, through online lessons via Skype.

Ready to rock?

Got your Skype details handy? Then let’s go! What are you waiting for?

How does it work?

Getting startedWhat's it like?What will you learn?
What do you need to get started?
As well as a guitar, you will need:
An internet connection – the faster the better.
Any computer, tablet or phone with sound, webcam and mic.*
The free Skype app.

It really is easy to get started, and once you’re set up, it’s a breeze!

We recommend you test your broadband and view our Skype FAQ and tips page.

What’s learning over Skype like?
Almost exactly like a traditional guitar lesson! We will both be able to see and hear each other, talk, play and share. Resources are sent via Skype, it’s almost as if we’re in the room with you!

Learning based around you!
Your favourite songs, relevant music theory, exercises and technique, writing your own songs or anything else you would like to learn. We structure our tuition around you!

“Students who used to limit the pool of teachers to those within a 20-mile radius now take lessons from teachers, some with world-class credentials, on other coasts or continents.” – The New York Times

Benefits of Skype learning

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It’s all about you!
Skype learning is the most convenient and flexible way to get 1 to 1 tuition that personally caters to your needs. Online videos can be useful but they aren’t always the most logical progression for where you’re at right now. With real-time feedback you can progress much faster with great technique and none of those bad habits that others guitarists pick up along the way. Our teachers will take you right through from the basics to reaching your goals.

Learn anywhere
With Skype lessons you can learn anywhere, if you go on holiday or move house you can still keep having the same guitar education experience.

Save time and money
You’ve seen the price of petrol! Who needs to travel when you can learn without leaving the comfort of your home. With our Skype lessons there’s no need to travel to a teacher to get the same level of tuition.

Record the lessons
We offer the option to have your lessons recorded for an additional cost (ask for details)
Or for the tech savvy, record the lessons yourself with free software.

Why choose us?

choice of guitars

Our tuition
We’re real, dedicated guitar teachers with years of experience and countless happy customers across studios and schools.

Everything you need to learn
We provide digital resources with every lesson, where applicable.

Great track record
Browse the rest of our website or view our social pages to see our countless happy customers, you’re in safe hands!

Ready to rock?

Got your Skype details handy? Then let’s go! What are you waiting for?