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Online Anytime Guitar Lessons

What are Online Anytime lessons?

Online Anytime lessons are custom-tailored video lessons created just for you and sent only to you.

Why Online Anytime?

Easier than online courses, More convenient than private lessons, More affordable than many other options.

Save time, money and effort with Online Anytime lessons from Tom at Guitarlearn!

In our experience as teachers and guitarists, the best way to learn guitar is with personally tailored one-on-one lessons with a professional teacher. Not only do you get expert guidance through your guitar journey, but a good teacher can nurture, inspire and encourage your own musical development.

However, the best teachers aren’t always within easy reach, and not everyone can afford private lessons or has an appropriate time available every week. For this reason we now offer our expertise and experience worldwide and 24-7, through online anytime lessons.

How it Works

STEP ONE: Starting with a FREE 15 minute consultation over Skype, your guitar needs are discussed with myself (Guitarlearn founding teacher Tom Holmes). I will personally formulate a lesson plan specifically for you.

STEP TWO: You are then sent an hour lesson* - consisting of approx 30-40m of video footage, and 20-30m of independent work. At various points in the video, you will be encouraged to complete the independent work, challenges and to take a moment to practice the content of the lesson, either by pausing the video or through a timed section added to the video. You will also be sent any music sheets necessary to complete the lesson. Music sheets are viewable on your computer, phone or tablet and are also printable.

*The lesson length is an hour total, including both listening to your teacher and completing independent work - just like a face-to-face lesson.

STEP THREE: You are then encouraged to message your teacher following the lesson, to discuss any difficulties you had or any requests for next time.

WINTER SPECIAL OFFER: £25 per hour lesson

A more convenient, option for tailored lessons at less cost than most alternatives.

Got your Skype details handy? Then let’s go! What are you waiting for?

Ready to rock?

“Students who used to limit the pool of teachers to those within a 20-mile radius now take lessons from teachers, some with world-class credentials, on other coasts or continents.” – The New York Times

Benefits of Online Anytime with Guitarlearn

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It’s all about you!

Online Anytime learning is the most convenient and flexible way to get 1 to 1 tuition that personally caters to your needs. YouTube videos can be useful but they aren’t always the most logical progression for where you’re at right now. With tailored video lessons, you can progress much faster with great technique and none of those bad habits that other guitarists pick up along the way.

Learn anywhere

With Online Anytime lessons you can learn anywhere, anytime. Wherever you may be, you can still enjoy the same great experience, at YOUR convenience and on YOUR schedule.

Save time and money

You’ve seen the price of petrol! Who needs to travel when you can learn without leaving the comfort of your home. With our Online Anytime lessons there’s no need to travel to a teacher to get the same level of tuition.

Recorded lessons

Every detail of every lesson is recorded, you can simply replay any part you need to look at again.

Why choose us?

Our tuition

We’re real, dedicated guitar teachers with years of experience and countless happy customers across studios and schools

Everything you need to learn

We provide digital resources with every lesson, where applicable.

Great track record

Browse the rest of our website or view our social pages to see our countless happy customers, you’re in safe hands!

Got your Skype details handy? Then let’s go! What are you waiting for?

Ready to rock?