Your tuition – your choice

Looking for guitar lessons but can’t make it to one of our studio locations? We can come to you!

The merits of learning in a dedicated studio space are numerous, but if you require house call guitar lessons, we have you covered. Now you can learn at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home!

Areas and Availability

guitar lessons on the move!
What areas do we cover?
We mainly serve Burgess Hill and Brighton areas but have taught in much of the surrounding areas, there is also the possibility of us expanding our tutor range so if in doubt it’s always worth getting in touch.

These are areas our teachers have taught in before – for specific availability contact us.

Brighton & Hove area
Burgess Hill area
Mid Sussex / West Sussex areas
East Sussex area

Please note: Not all areas are available all the time, please contact for our current availability near you.

Preparing your learning environment

guitar collection at home
Please ensure a quiet, distraction free environment for attentive learning.

Please visit advice on preparing your learning environment before booking. For the ultimate learning experience, learn at one of our studios.

Ready to rock?

Your guitar journey starts here!